Struts Facebook Integration

Now a days people are using Facebook like any thing, you can do many things with Facebook like sharing photos, writing on friends wall, chatting, playing games and more.

As it is becoming popular day by day some of the firms or individuals trying to do marketing with the help of Facebook and some are doing business by integrating their applications with the Face book. For example online recharge with this you can do recharge for your Facebook friends as a gift or you can request a Facebook friend to recharge your mobile.

To do this kind of integration, our applications should be hosted some where on the web and need to be integrated with Facebook. To achieve this, Facebook has provided some of the concepts like

In this article we are using struts based web application to integrate with Facebook with the help of above mentioned concepts.

Steps to configure your Application with Facebook:


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3 thoughts on “Struts Facebook Integration

    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting my technical blog going forward Please refer articles posted by me in

      Definitely, I will provide good, understandable article in the above mentioned website soon.

      Mean while, You can run the project by using simple maven command jetty:run
      Just run the command in debug mode and under stand how user is authenticated

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